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August 15, 2008


Well Behaved Krissy

he he! thats funny! You always look great which is totally NOT FAIR!

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

So funny to me. This is how Foolery's looks except she is looking at something on the ceiling I think!!!!


Ha ha ha ha ha -- all of those reasons and that's pretty much IT! Petty, indeed. :) Thanks for the nice words, and I have to second Krissy's comment above -- do you EVER take a bad picture?!

The Electrician

There's a bulb burnt out in your vanity lights.

Plunger Girl


I'm for the dead of night bit

Mental P Mama

That is a great shot! I can never get mine to look right. Maybe my chins are the problem.


Mine is my little Twitter photo. Came straight from the stylist's chair to snap that one. And pretty much for all those reasons!


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