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August 19, 2008


Mental P Mama

Well, I can pour a mean glass of chardonnay.


*psssst...* Your greatness is showing.


You found your calling, your doing it now. Excellent!

Big Hair Envy

I think we need a "Latchkey Children of the '70's Who Make a Mean Macaroni and Cheese from the Box" Support Group. Perhaps we would enjoy the next Olympics if we could get together and commisserate.

The secret was to put the melted butter in the powdered cheese BEFORE you added the milk! Hahahahaha! Take THAT Bob Costas:)

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

I relate to this in a strangley huge way. Could this be the actual cause of my Olympic disdain? Why yes I think it could. Thank you for the free therapy. I will be back next week for our regular appointment

Heather H.

YES! YES! That is it! This is me, too! Thank you for putting our disfunction to words.


suzanne, you're on a funny, writing roll! you get a 9.8 on the haha scale from me!


I do exactly the same thing. You know what my secret calling is? Sprint cycling. Or 1500m swimming. Or gymnastics. It changes, often. You know what, if I hadn't had such ready access to KitKats as a child, maybe I could have been an Olympian. It's all my mother's fault.


I love this post. I wonder all the time what my body is genetically perfectly shaped for. It's been darn good at birthing children in nearly record times. If there were an Olympics of childbirth, I'm pretty sure I could medal in the speed category. But since there isn't, every time the Olympics comes around, I dream and speculate about what my sport should have been too...


Flawless writing - you nailed the dismount. This definitely gets you on the podium.


Genius! Just came by from another blog...triple threat are you?

Grump who doesn't like anything

Hands down the FUNNIEST thing I have read about the Olympics. It is true, we all do it!

Doug L.

"Frickin' A" this is funny. I have faked my share of ankle sprains in my life.

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