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August 11, 2008


Big Hair Envy

LOVE the video!

Just a few things to note:
- You are SO cute!!
- I am terrified of city driving.
- White vans appear to be more dangerous than red ones.
- I really wanted to hear what you ordered at In-And-Out Burger. We don't have those here.
- The thank-you-wave is alive and well in my neck of the woods. Truck drivers even blink their lights to you when you allow them to merge into traffic. It's just how we roll:) I'm glad you passed that tip along to others who are not as well educated in driving etiquette.


Afraid of vans? I see your point. Very funny video. You got this vlog-thing down.

Well Behaved Krissy

Unmarked van. TOTALLY FREAKY!

Woman driving on the interstate in LA with a VIDEO CAMERA in hand at near faint b/c she's starving to death.... TERRIFYING!

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Oh this was wonderful. Especially the ultimate video punchline of you driving all the way back to your 'safe' In and Out to get lunch. Too funny.........what were you going up to LA for? Next time call me. That is my old hood- and I love to shop and show folks around!


BHE--The #1-Cheeseburger with Large Diet Coke. Too bad you don't have In-N-Outs where you live. If you ever come here, I will take you to one.
WBH-I didn't add the bits where I almost crashed. It was a bit scary.
Marcy-Yes, let's go together next time.

robin schmitt

Next time you are in LA, there is an In and Out burger on Sunset at Highland off the 101. It's in Hollywood, not too much gang violence there.

Who is watching the road while you are video taping yourself? Way scarrier than white vans or gangs.


How many times did we get lost on that freeway? Remember to look for the HERBALIFE building to assure yourself that you are indeed going the right direction!

Mental P Mama

It's almost worth the cross country trip to have an In-N-Out. I'm so envious.


Soooo funny! Did you plan to park next to that van? What comic luck! I wish you'd make more of these vlogs. They are fun to watch and they always make me laugh.


I have heard great things about In 'n' Out Burger. Oh great. Now I'm HUNGRY!
Love the VLOG... cracks me up!


That was freaking AWESOME!
I am soo glad I didn't try to drive in LA - Vegas was bad enough.
I had In-N-Out for the first time when I was there for BlogHer. LOVE. Send me some?
And I love your accent and the way you guys say lookit.

Jen Machado

This is so funny! I enjoyed every second of your journey to LA! You're so clever! I would have gotten a chocolate shake with my order though! :)

vicki grobels

LA is scary and vans are very very scary - so glad you waited to get your burger near home!!

Ok, Where Was I?

Totally awesome, hilarious, as always. I wish I could drive around with you. Maybe I could hold the camera while you drive (LOL at WBK's comment)?


Hilarious! Perfect timing. Vans are the scariest thing on the road, especially if they have murals on them--shudder--except vloggers. They are super scary.

Heather H.

That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. You are hilarious! Your editing is spot-on.

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