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August 29, 2008



Oh, good. Get this one up because I want to be the first one to comment on it (note: Nat emails me his comments due to a feud between his computer and Typepad. I have a few people who do this, some feuds run very deep).

You should send this into the major chains to see if they have any interest in changing things around. It makes perfect sense to me. And I can't WAIT for the Jicama to make a comeback. I miss the little crunch it gave my salads. Bravo!

Kelly George

You are killing me with this "going to the grocery store daily". Nobody likes to shop THAT MUCH. We are going to work together to take your trips down to at least every other day. At the end of our sessions you will only need to go once a week :) By the way, love the part about the bachelors. Sooooooooo true!


BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! So funny! and using The Clash at the end...GOOD CHOICE.


Yes! The bachelor Aisle, sauces, beer and batteries for the remote control! and don't forget CHEESE!


Who is video tapping you, great job if that is one of the kids. I have friends who just cannot believe that I go to the grocery store every other day, sometimes once a day, they make fun of me, but I need fresh bread, milk and veggies. You are really going for that 4pm coffee stop, I know that's what I go for.


Bravo! Nice commentary on modern life--"Break out fruit of the year." Funny. I'm going to listen to my Clash Album now.

The Kid

Ah, yes. I dream of a bachelor aisle full of bags and boxes of chips, crackers and good 'n plenty...or anything i can easily eat while standing over the sink, or while sitting in my underwear while watching UFC.


Multiple layers of greatness with this one Suz! I love your glasses, I love your theories, I love the song at the end! Bravo!

Also, I think I kind of love your Barista.

Mental P Mama

Brilliant. On every point. I, too, remember the Jicama year. It was a crunchy one. I predict the goji berry to be the next big thing here.

Doug L.

I just saw pomegranate gum and I ran home to post this comment. So very sad is the life I lead.

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