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June 09, 2008



I love this series!!!

TOTALLY guilty of some of those- especially the food one. I've been known to order way too much food for just me at the drive-thru, and then try to cover it up by ordering two small drinks. That's baaaaad... but I feel a little better now! Thank you! :D

Ok, Where Was I?

That's funny. But also commendable; I know I can't get into a seven year old's slip.

That sounded not at all how I meant it. I wouldn't fit into one.

BTW: Left you an award today on my post.

Carrie Horton

From one slip sister to another, I think I might have seen you walking through Target readjusting your slip. Very funny!


LOL! A slip! I haven't worn one of those in years. Nothing to do with modesty, I don't think...it does help with static cling, though. And as much as I hated my parents for making me wear nylons, I'm glad they did because it's classy!


I wore a slip yesterday, and I should have worn one today, but forgot. I feel lumpy and naked. Not a good combo.

Also? The only thing of my 7-year-old daughter's that I could wear? Her tiara, and then just barely.

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