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June 30, 2008


Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

You had me at "Jacked up muffler'......


Marcy laughing..

Nannette Spencer

What I think would be fun is to get ANOTHER mom with a video camera to be video taping (see how old I am? there's no such thing as video TAPE! dur!) you video-ing the guy while you inquire about the muffler.


You really had this guy cracking up. You are really good at this kind of thing. I like that you seemed to liked this guy. It was fun to see you entertaining yourself with your kids too.
"This shouldn't be too hard...it was too hard." don't know if you scripted that, but it was funny.

ok, where was I

The "like" count is hilarious! I said it once having margaritas with an older professor who turned very good friend. I'm sure she must have cringed every time I said it (which was, like, a million times) b/c that night she made fun of me. I simply cannot form complete thoughts without that word, and thanks to Scooby Doo, my six year old is learning to use it as well.

Andrea Charroin

You are like, SO funny!

well behaved krissy

Like, that was, like the cutest like, jacked up story, like I've listened to today. Like totally! And. I like, totally, like learned where a muffler was too. Cause I totally thought, like my tailpipe was my muffler too. Like, OMG! WTG! LOL! And, like, all kids of other texty kinds of stuff.


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