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May 05, 2008


Nannette Spencer

BRILLZ! I swear to God this hit the nail on the head for ED ZACHARY how I'm feeling in my life right now (and getting buzzed by my Twitter mobile notification every 20 seconds).


I have to agree with the other comment- Brilliant!! haha.. I feel like I'm controlled by blogger/flicker/messenger/text,etc... and I haven't even signed up for Twitter yet!!

Andrea Charroin

Just fantastic Suz!


You should send this to McSweeney's. It is great. You are never going to talk to us again once you get to be professional writer. I never say stuff like this so don't get used to it.


I feel sorry for your old Palm Pilot! You are so mean...and your pager too!


Yep, you did it again! I must share this with EVERYONE. Clever girl.

Doug L.

Keeping my inbox from fighting with my sent items is enough to keep me busy...funny.
You're not mean, just addicted to technology.
Doug L.


Nice work Suz.


Honest to blog, this is just fantazzic. Especially the part about Grease 2.

If I was there, (and believe me, I was in spirit), I would have grabbed the mic and serenaded you with "Coo-oo-oo-ool Writer!"

(Obviously, Palm Pilot had bought me a few drinks.)

ok, where was I

This post is just total awesomeness. I'm instantly adding you to my list of people I must read.

Valarie Lea

This was great, and your poor palm pilot. I think my sister has one that can keep it company.


look what i missed while wallowing! really super funny suzanne. good for you :)

Jennifer Miller

I love the visual of Morrissey throwing a goat cheese salad at David Sedaris! "Grasp at fleeting youth." Ha! He would say that and M would probably do that. Very funny.

Janet L.

Just stopping by and loved this. Very creative. I like David Sedaris & thik he might say that to morrissey. It is a bit true.


Ha ha! LOL and all that. Very clever.

Nobody really

Holy Crap! Funny...perfectly calucated tip...that is about the only thing a Palm Pilot could do ten years ago.
I'll be back.

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