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May 19, 2008



hey! what's wrong w/ Kool & the gang? btw, "brickhouse" is by the commodores. also, you guys look *very* orange county in that pic.

suzanne Broughton

Oh Aaron! I know, "Brick House"--Commodores, Cool in the Gang --"Celebration" Madonna --"Holiday" They played it all!
I am going to take the comment that we look very OC as the highest of compliments!
I didn't take a lot of pictures as you requested, sorry. I will post some video though.

Andrea Charroin

You all look quite fancy and beautiful.


you're right- it was a compliment; still, in regards to you, not nearly as lyric as you deserve.


Wondering how you all know each other? You haven't ever told us. I have been to Bing's the music was awful, must have been during the sell-out hour.

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