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April 01, 2008



I know I comment too much on your stuff...
But this is one of the funniest entries to date.
Man I wanna party with you people. I can hear the laughter from here...
Funny stuff. Seriously. FUNNY


Suzanne, I was starting to wonder what it was like in your real world, outside the blog. Now I see you have other's as weird and wonderful as you. Bravo! No idea where this comes from, but I am glad you are not alone in your little world.


What is this now? This isn't real is it? I love it, but what the heck are you talking about?
Just reread it. I am going to order a Connie Francis and see if they know what I am talking about, sounds terrible. You are just kidding I know it.

larry Broughton

this is absolutely outrageous...we agreed we would keep the intimate details of our personal lives out of this stupid blog! by the way, this was the last time we drag along one of your former boyfriends on our vacation. i'm not sure who was worse, Gene, of the guy last year who wore the mid-drift mesh shirt and eyeliner.


NO. NO. NO. You're too young to know what the Velvet Turtle is, aren't you? Very funny, but made up for our pleasure...thanks.


LOL! I just found your site through the oc Register. You are a hoot!

Andrea Charroin

PLEASE tell me this had something to do with April Fools Day.

Jen B

OMG NOOOOOO! This is just too funny. I agree with Nat, at least you have people that go along with this stuff with you. Accept your husband doesn' seem soo happy about it all in his comment.
I found you through the OCREGISTER too. I can't wait for the next---LOL! I think you should have an affair with The Captain and tell us ALL about it. We would not tell one person about it.


Marcy--no such thing in blog land as commenting too much--just an FYI. Thanks for the compliment, but when we all get together we really just talk about the weather and the housing market, pretty standard stuff.
Nat--they do understand me.
Andrea and Debbie, how dare you insult The Captain!
Terri and Jen- Thanks for stopping by.
Larry--we'll talk when you get home...

Vicki grobels

glen is a dork

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