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March 19, 2008



Gross. That is God Awful. Surf and sand all the way.
BTW-The Partridge Family---I win!


I don't like it, sorry. I hate white purses. Have fun on your trip.

Andrea Charroin

Okay Grandma...oops, I mean Suzanne. My vote is ick. Sorry.

barbie Sometimes

Umm, is it goinig to totally bum you out if I say I don't like it either? I am sure you will still look cute, just with a really ugly purse.


Duran Duran meets the Golden Girls.


Okay so it is not the best looking purse- BUT you will be on a cruise with loads of people you will never see again...just be sure to set it down out of view before any pictures are taken okay? I would have thought you would have gone with a straw purse.....but come to think of it- who needs a PURSE on vaction to the carribean??? Sun screen....and sun glasses are all you need to carry with you!!!!!!! Have a GREAT time....


I have a feeling you could pull it off (whatever that means) but I couldn't (whatever that means). Probably you should return it whence it came.

Nannette Spencer

I. Love. It.

Besides, Duran Duran is like so totally rad.

Vicki grobels

it's awful !! get ride of it - it's ugly !
do not bring this grandma bag to palm springs for our girls weekend

do you want my opinion on anything else?

jana Mitchell

I personally think you bring class to whatever you wear or carry, so you go girl.

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