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February 26, 2008



suz, nobody really talks much about that incredible feeling soon after our babies are born. it's magical beyond words. no real pain or discomfort (i can only speak about "natural" and when i say natural, i mean, epidural the nanosecond it's available :).
your new human has arrived! all clean and intoxicating with softness and baby smells. 3 of the most precious memories of my life, those early hours...


oops! forgot to say congratulations on your nephew henry. what an adorable name! (please call him on ree with a french accent often, k?)

Andrea Charroin

OOOH! Congratulations to Randall and Meghan!!! Welcome to the two boy club!! It is smelly but FUN!!! Cheers!

Nannette Spencer

Henry is SO adorable!!!!

Debra Johnson

Okay...I just rolled with laughter!!I had a baby on Dec.10th...and the part about losing control of his neck muscles just struck me as hilarious!!I think it's becasue it is soooo true!! Mine too, gave a disapproving look....I thought " Yep, we're weird buddy...you'll get use to US in time:)"

And DITTO on the little nurse button....I want one of those installed in my home - NOW!!

Oh - thanks for the laugh!! Debra


Thanks everyone for your comments...I know, so cute. Congrats Debra on your new baby, too bad about the nurse's button...


As a proud and very happy uncle, I think the count has stopped at four. I'm satisfied with that (oh-like I have a say), but just want family to know I have more love to give if needed. And if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy 2 matching remote control helicoptors- Uncle Bubby

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