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February 24, 2008



I meant to comment yesterday on the new digs! Love the banner and Vanessa's stuff is beautiful!


I like it, beautiful. I miss the music though.


Love, love, love...V is so talented. I miss the music too.


Girlie but fitting. I like it, but don't tell any of my friends.

A Fanciful Twist

OH!!! How exciting is that??? I am beyond swooning over here!! It looks like a dream boat!!! Heather just made it look so perfect!!! And the little buttons!! Loooove them!!


Very nice. But I don't miss the music. It interferes with my iTunes when I'm reading your site.


From someone without it, I like the cleavage on your "About Me" picture... Oh, was that not what you meant by a comment on the new design?...I love the colors, I love pink with anything. It's you, but I too miss the music because now Olivia and I don't have anything to dance to while reading your blog.


girly but clean. congratulations to you and vanessa too!!


LOVE the new look! Suits you well my dear.


Cute and girlie look to the site....but I think the photo of you was a nice personal touch. Seemed to welcome people in.....
The music was pretty cool and helped to set the tone for reading......but still the site looks lovely with the new design!


I like it. I don't miss the music. I don't miss your pic. I do miss your lists. I also miss the show "Wings" it was so funny.


Thanks for the links. I love Vanessa. Please bring back the music.
Connie B.


Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I am concidering what to do about my picture and the music. I recieved a ton of emails on the matter--I had no idea it would be such a hot issue. Thanks again, I really really appreiciate all of you that read my blog and comment. It keeps me up at night--writing!


Kim B

God, I miss "Wings" too! That was such a great show. Is that what we are talking about?
Kim B


"Wings" I loved those guys. Suzanne, is there anything you can do, within your blog, to get "Wings" back on the air? I mean, I don't know what, but I did really love wings.
PS I like the girl and the dog.
Barbie Sometimes

Paris Parfait

Am visiting with a calling card from my friend Vanessa. Isn't she amazing? Love your banner!

Karen D.

Love the banner. Just went through your entire blog (through Vanessa) and laughed my head off. Will be back...I love Ira Glass too.


Suzanne, who ARE all these people who read your blog? I thought I was the only "lurker" turned commenter. I have to now come up with another hook. How about I start using a lot of ...'s, No, that's your hook, sorry.

Pam Aries

Doncha LOVE LOVE Vanessa! . I thought I better come say hi since she mentioned your blog! Cool!


Thanks to all of Vanessa's readers for dropping by and hope you check in with me every once in a while.

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