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February 04, 2008


Keli Horton

Sometimes, when the dishwasher is full and clean and the sink has dirty dishes in it... I just empty enough of the dishwasher to fit the dirty dishes in.. and run it again. Bad, I know.

Nannette Spencer

I wanted to comment on this. Really I did. But, well, it's just too funny to even try to comment on it. And, by the way, we've all been there. :)

robin schmitt

I let my mother in law empty dirty dishes just to see her empty my dishwasher. It's sick I know.


Truly - what they do not know, will not hurt them. Great choice of music by the way. My sister would love you on the spot for choosing Billie.


Milena, thanks for the comment. The problem with me is, because I write it in my blog--they DO know, drats. I do love Billie, she is my all-time fav.


Worse: Not only do I hunt down and rewash every last cup and spoon, but also anything they may have touched as well.

Elaina Avalos

No one would ever know. You find a dirty dish and say, "Darn that dishwasher, it's not doing a very good job getting the dishes clean. Maybe I should have it checked out?" Haha.

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