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January 31, 2008


A Fanciful Twist

OH My Gooooooodnessss!!! Miss Suzanne! Hi there, this is sooo funny!!! I know, I adore when people come to me through google, and i get to read what they types in. I have to say, I do get some weirdo things types in that bring people to me :) But some are good, and hilarious!! Soooo funny! Snail Jokes??? Must go find them! hugs, V


Thanks V- I am sure you have had some good ones too.


Very interesting. I have a post (somewhere) with my random google search results. It's the strrrrrrrangest thing. K, now I'm off to discover what you have in the realm of Snail Jokes!

ok, where was I

Ok, so is it going to be weird if I now go through your posts and comment on them? ALL OF THEM? I love google searches b/c they're so freakin' weird. I'm, like, an expert in poop. I get lots of hits for flat poop (?) and a dream one too: what does it mean to dream of pooping in your pants. This is a pretty big concern, from what I can tell. And I've gotten panic attack ones: what qualifies as a panic attack. Unfortunately for them, they're going to find nothing resembling answers.

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