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November 02, 2007


Marie Sackett

Oh its funny how we all have our catch phrases that really don't mean what someone would think it means. Mine Is "Fine". If you ask me how I am and I just say "fine" well then it actually means I am not really happy. You know, just like when you husband asks if you are angry and you answer "No" when you are really seething inside. Just thought I would share...


Hi Marie,
Yes, this has gotten me through many a detailed description of someone's: a) house at the River b) "freaky" dream they had last night or c) kitchen remodel.
Let's go to Wild Artichoke soon!

lisa mertins

oooo! you brat. i'll remember this one (maybe ;). actually, i'm jealous because i just listen even when i'm not interested wasting so much of my precious time :(

Elaina Avalos

I'll have to remember that! :)

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