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October 25, 2007



Well put!!!!


Well put!!!!


At my house party last night, a friend kept staring at my stomach. My stomach that clearly looks 5 months pregnant but in reality is about 2,000 daily crunches shy of "getting back to the old days." She knew I would stab her in the eyes with a skewer if she asked. I think she just asked everyone else.


Just read this and really Suzanne, what you ought to have done was say "why, yes, yes I am pregnant. Would you pass me that whiskey sour over there? Thanks, got a light?"


LOL ""J.Crew" not "Pea in the Pod."

Those Empire waists were a bad idea. Men hated them.

My husband always says he would never ask if someone was pregnant unless he saw a head sticking out. :-D Smart man.

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