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October 16, 2007



your hair is actually quite tame compared to your friends


I absolutely LOVE your blog. It is so RAD and like
TOTALLY AWESOME to the max. I almost gagged with
laughter while reading. You have such a talent for
writing....any publishing possibilities in your
future? That would make you so much more famous than
the lady from Pittsburg, and you have way better hair!
Like totally, for sure!

Keep sending them!



You look closer to 40 in that high school pic than you do today. It looks like you're barking, "get me a martini and a goddamn cigarette, you moron."

B :-)

MOUSSE ABUSE!! The higher the hair, the closer to god, dear! Bitchin'!!!


Oh. if that were true, we would have been saints!

You knew me as Dede...

Those broads in the first photo sure do look familiar. Heard one of them was in the movie "Swingers", right? ;-) Mom never let me have the hair, just unfortunate bangs.

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