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September 25, 2007



You have missed your calling - you need to be a writer for someone somewhere - I love all the pretty pictures as that is what I look for in these blogs - thanks for mentioning that i'll be first in the eccentric race - at least my house won't smell it will just be full of hair pieces, leopard prints and lots of accessories with rhinestones.

your friend,


Ditto what Vicki said about writing for money. You could write for ANY women's magazine and I strongly urge you to send some of it in, to every magazine you know. While I enjoy all your musings and I'm sure lots of other people do, too, you might as well make us pay to read it. It's good stuff!

Aww, Hazel looks so cute in her bed. All your little furry, feathered children are adorable. (As are your human ones, it's true.)


ps, cactus tree, my all time favorite song of all time!!!

"for she fears that he will ask her for eternity"


Suzanne, I am a blog aficionado; I love learning life experiences from different people around the world. This is truly the only plat form that I can gather all my courage to ask people the questions that I have been dying to ask. So here I go: I just recently move to So. Orange County; why is it so hard for my new neighbors (who are white) to be friendly to people of Mexican decent (like myself). I am married and have 3 kids, I love all kinds of people from different cultures, we are friendly people who will wave or say good morning to all, but yet most of my neighbors not all don't even care to look in my or my family’s direction. I don't look intimidating; I don't look like your stereo typical Mexican male: the bald head, baggy pants, tattoo or anything like that. I am a middle class male, who is a U.S. citizen, I am clean cut and I work for a living like everyone else. I know that I can never blend in because all of my neighbors worked very hard to be rich and drive new BMW's or Mercedes, their wives are fortunate that they don't have work and have designer clothes. Meanwhile I drive a Nissan, unfortunately both my wife and I have to work and we shop at old navy. Should I just stop caring to try for my neighbors to like us and never come outside my home and just keep to ourselves? I really thought people in South County were friendly and personable people who made you feel welcomed.

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