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May 24, 2010



I dreamt of babies last night...I did not want to wake up!!!

Mental P Mama

My daughter and I are going this weekend!!!


I am dying to see that movie!!

jen broas

Just seeing that little Mongolian baby makes me smile all over again.


I want to see this. I could have told you that a baby can eat dirt and still turn out alright, my youngest probably eats more dirt and food off the floor than anyone I know, and he is healthy. I believe he is just given his immune system a workout!

noe noe girl

I want to see this too.


Thanks for the thumbs up on this one. I've been considering it.


This looks fabulous!! And YIPPEE it's playing at the independent theater in town so guess where I'll be going this week.

Thanks for sharing, Suz!

Helen Dempsey

Where is the movie babies playing. I live in Florida.


Helen Dempsey


yes!! i have a 9 1/2 month old and i have NEVER tried to put her in a bubble...frightened of this germ and that germ. she is already walking fully and is all over the place. i let her experience her world..get dirty, touch stuff, she puts stuff in her mouth constantly. it really annoys me when other people try to make her stop touching something. she needs to explore!! and build her immune system. and you know what? in 9 1/2 months she has only been sick ONE TIME. and it was just a common viral infection (cold)
she is strong as a bull :)

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