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April 14, 2010


The Glamorous Life Association

A hockey blog...that is a neat idea!

And I like to think i am a Mockey Fan actually.

noe noe girl

And he's a hunk!

Megan Ortiz

waa, I hope time goes fast and there's hockey again! And I am a Hockey fan too!!

Amy m

This is amazing. I wish more people talked about sports in this way.

Pearl Maple

Great post about all that is good about our favorite game - hockey - oh the season is too short!

Doug l

Wow! This is really good. Well written


Don't feel bad. It looks like our hockey season soon will be over, too. Damned Coyotes. I wish I liked sports with more than a fleeting interest. It makes me a bit of an outcast here in HockeyTown. And a hockey blog, too? How do you find the time to do all you do?


He sounds like a real winner Suz.
I think part of YOUR charm, is your love of hockey...I just never would have guessed that you and your sweet self loved this violent sport. :)
Me? I watch cage fighting.

Carrie Braunalicious

Until VERY recently, I thought his name was Tea Muselanne. Make fun all you want :) I've now been corrected and feel the need to watch hockey in repentance!

Lindsey (aka the Modchik)

What great background info on Teemu, I have always heard nothing but positive things about him and his family. The one time I went this season I sat behind his family just off the ice and cringed as he got whacked in the mouth with a stick - ouch! His poor family I don't know how they can watch that. Hockey is quite a rough sport Sue!


Boy, I'm glad I came back to read this. I'm not a hockey fan so I skipped right over it, but this was really well-written. And I had to look to make sure YOU took the photo, and not an official NHL photographer. Great shot!

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