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March 18, 2010



wow! you are so creative. gotta frame this one for sure...


Amazing!!! Hope okay I printed this out. I love that part of the song, little dreams are sometimes all we can do. So pretty.

Joe Sweden

I really like Patty Griffin (but don't tell any of my friends).
Nice shot. I like the lyric / photo thing you have going. Interesting idea.

megan O.

awesome amazing beautiful excellent kite picture! Me love u blog!!! I like Disney-land, Emily goes there a lot too!


What a pretty little postcard from Disneyland it is. Confetti is the real sugar of photographic life.


Too Cool Suz!


I love that you capture images like this. So awesome.

When I first saw the title I thought of Rosie Thomas's Kite Song. Shows how much I know. I'm loving this song. Thanks for sharing. :)


Gorgeous as always, Suz. And I love love love Patty Griffin. I sang "Heavenly Day" in my head every time it rained the last couple of months.


You have the best eye. I keep telling you that -- I'm sorry, but it's true.


I have been telling her that too, @Foolery, for years. These photos often take my breath away and cause me to shake my head at my pathetic little point-and-shoot idiot camera.

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