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March 16, 2010



As if I needed ANOTHER reason to obsessively LOVE LOVE LOVE hockey...you've give it to me (add in the whole Brown story too...ahhhhh).

noe noe girl

and good looking!


Love their faces. These are such great guys. We are very fortunate to have them here. I **heart** hockey! :)


Great photo!

Joe Sweden

I think you're "Why I love hockey" piece is one of the best things I've ever read about hockey. Because you're an "amateur" fan of the sport, it gives you a perspective we don't hear from other blogs and media outlets. It's refreshing and dare I say it makes me try to not be as cynical about hockey. Since I've loved loved hockey for 40 years, I never think of the game that way anymore. thanks.

Mental P Mama

Well I love what they are doing! And they are so cute to boot!!

megan O.

wow wow wow wow wow! I♥ducks!


You've made me a believer! Your love (heart) of hockey is hard to resist! We got tickets For the game tomorrow night!


I LOVE HOKEY!!!!!!!! Every winter I want nothing more then to run screaming back to Wisconsin and skate the river from December to February.......OH, you bring back memories.......Thank you yet again!!!

Christine Babu

I was at the Hockey game on Friday, I totally wanted to stop by on Sunday to support the CHOC project, but I couldn't. Glad you guys were able to make it...


oh yay! how cool!


So sweet. Yes, you are challenged being a GIRL who love hockey. But you are also a woman who can take on anything!!

Joe Sweden

Hockey players are the best athletes around. They are genuine and not arrogant. Were you freaking to be in the locker room? I bet.


3 out 4 of them had cancer? You wouldn´t know by looking at that. I hope Teemu doesn´t get that too as he has had a lot of other health worries lately.

Sean Butcher

Hockey is one of the coolest games ever, and not just because of the ice! It kinda gets messy when players' teeth get knocked out, especially straight on in the mouth! There should be a better mouth guard for players!

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