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February 03, 2010



The tooth fairy is overworked and underpaid!!!

Debbie, Peace Love and Momminess

I'm still thinking of that school where there's no text books till 6th grade and no homework ;) Kids are overschooled these days I think; I fear the overstressed Wall St burnouts by 30 if we keep hammering our kids with all this overachieving. Let's hear it for underachieving, and happy! Kiddin' ... kinda, not really ;)

Mental P Mama

LOL. The tooth fairy often "fell asleep" here too. Lots of extra treats for her children were necessary as well. sigh

Pam De Jong

Love it! You totally inspired me to "toonlet" on my blog too...

It's a really fun and easy tool!

noe noe girl

Thats all it takes is a blink blink! Get me everytime.


Tooth fairy should figure out the way to Santa Barbara easily just because she is a freakin genius.

Elie's Papel

Very funny!!! something similar happened to my sister once when she almost forget to leave something for my niece


More brilliance!

megan O.

Giggles that was funny.


The tooth fairy here had to scramble to "borrow" money from recipients allowance piggy bank and hide under pillow the following morning for the whole "you didn't look good enough...I am sure it is there".

genius comic strip


Too funny Suz! I can totally see that happening to the tooth fairy here one day!


Love this. I'm waiting for my own salt n vinegar chips right now...

The tooth fairy truly is overworked and seriously underpaid.


The Tooth what now?

Great toon! And I found out how to format it for Typepad -- e-mail me if you'd like the details?

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