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February 28, 2010



this is so sweet Suz.
Love the photo and this song.

Mental P Mama

That is absolutely perfect.


Just beautiful. What a wonderful moment you captured. Love the song.

Twenty Four At Heart

What a great shot! : )

Alice in Wonderland

Hi, I called over from Matty's site! Hey, this was just beautiful! I loved the way that you just captured the moment perfectly.


Such a cool photo!


you captured such a sweet moment, emotion, style! love it!!

Debbie, Peace Love and Momminess

so aspirationally cool; love Sting's version too. all makes me wanna get lost in what really matters out there.

Kelly von Hemert

The chipped nail polish, pearl bracelet, pippi sox and hi tops, it's the picture of innocence and the movement gives it an unfettered quality. The song is a beautiful accompaniment. Thanks for a sweet image!

Andrea Memenas

Amazing photo, Suz. And Little Wing is a fave of mine too. I love the Sting version but I ADORE the Hendrix version. Such an unexpected song from him...

And, Emily has anamazing sense of style. LOVE.

Andrea Memenas

I am apparently unable to EVER post a comment on your blog without including a typo. Ugh. More coffee, please.


I didn't even know Sting did a cover of "Little Wing." My fave is the Stevie Ray Vaughn version. Still, when you strip away the music and read it as a poem, it takes on an even sweeter tone. Beautiful essence of girlhood photograph, too.

megan O.

I love the "Little Wings" song! Emily is my BFF forever! That is just a cute picture!

Joe Sweden

Amazing! Your eye for photography is simply amazing.

Grant Forest

This could be an advertisement or greeting card. Fantastic. The energy and movement is palpable. Well done.

k bailey

ah you warm my heart!

noe noe girl

This is just the sweetest Suz. You have so much talent!


One of my favorite and most listened to songs. Live the perspective on the photo, and socks. LOL

Angie Rumsey

This is an awesome picture and is now on the desk top of many Third Graders at Salem! Thanks for being you in Emily's class!




Thanks for the article.


I love the photos.

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desk top of many Third Graders at Salem! Thanks for being you in Emily's class!

Posted by: Angie Rumsey | March 07, 2010 at 04:42 PM

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