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December 11, 2009


The Glamorous Life Association

Way to call me out on my Will Ferrel impression at the last OC Fam meeting we had. Jeez.

It's different because I AM FUNNY right?



My favorite is what I like to call 'The Ground Hogday' meeting. This is a meeting set up to discuss a necessary topic only to agree to another meeting at a later date. I awlays leave thinking I must have fallen asleep during the 'important' discussion and don't want to risk looking like an ass by bringing it up that nothing was accomplished. Then when the next meeting rolls around the SAME THING HAPPENS!!!


Than needs an edit. Should be GROUNDHOG DAY. Not clear on what a HOGDAY would be, but maybe it is good.


I'm totally the #2 personality, but sometimes - I'll admit it - I'm #3. Mostly just for fun though.

p.s. I REALLY like the Hogday thing. We should make that happen.

Katie - OCMomActivities

Thinking I'm most likely a #5. Why you ask? Because yes it was me planning the prom and most high school dances. Yes it was me that planned committee meetings, yes it is me that has sat on more non-profit boards than I can count already... Um... just going to stop there or I might have to plan a meeting to discuss all this with you! ;)

Priscilla - TopMomBlog

So true! Dang, I'm a #2 and a #3 depending on the day, but I haven't been to any meetings in awhile... wonder why ; )


This is so funny. I could fit in here or there....but I will never disclose 'just where.' :)

Joe Sweden

You are seriously the funniest f*cking girl in the world. This is genius.

Kathi D

I refuse to reveal which one I am. Although, on the other side of the coin . . .

fancy feet

Love it! I see 'the put out to be here' a lot at my job and I have to say I think these particular people are genuinely put out to be there. The govn't forces them to be there, so they come in with giant chips on their shoulders.

I'm a big fan of your lists and I loved this one.


Subset of the Contrarian is the guy who asks some obscure question, laced with technical jargon chosen to showcase his own advanced knowledgeon the topic, that even the meeting facilitator can't answer. Recent example - at a client's health insurance open enrollment meeting, the sales rep from the health plan (who is little more than a pretty face who can make fun lunch conversation and produce game tickets upon request) was asked by our Contrarian something about coverage for long-term care and whether impending legislation would cause the carrier to change the plan. I could see the sales guy's eyes glaze over as he said, "I don't know the answer to that." And that's what Contrarian wanted to hear, because now HE (thought he) looked like the smartest guy in the room.


I need to add the "Why am I here?" person. I often get invited to meetings that don't apply to me. Weird. My husband gets invited to meetings that don't apply to him and frequently he's the one who winds up solving all the problems, lol.


Great. Now I'll be thinking of this post at every meeting and trying to recognize the personalities, LOL.


I tried to fit in to one of these but none of them ringed any bells. Maybe the meetings I have are too serious.

I can see you there having fun in the meeting with your coffee. The others know now that it´s all a dorky act because they have to read your blog every day!

Joe Sweden

Another brilliantly funny post.

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