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December 07, 2009



Two things: First, Batman has awesome eyes. They look suspiciously like yours. Second, thanks for The Smiths fix. I was just listening to "Meat is Murder" over the weekend, one of my all-time favorite '80s albums.


Oh dear. It's always a crime for boys to have long lashes. My girls got them too though. But they got them from their Daddy. Lovely shot of your precious one.

Mental P Mama

Want those lashes! Too adorable for words....


Those eyes and eyelashes....sigh....why can't MINE be like that?! LOVE this shot!


Batman made this girl swoon. Such a sweet superhero.
All boys need their Moms...I don't care what Max says either!


Beautiful shot. Amazing.


Oh, those eyelashes...swoon!


The Glamorous Life Association

That is the look of a super hero for sure!

Digital Flower

Your super hero picture came out really great.


He has amazing eyes, I love the costume! He definitely got the super hero look down!


Wow, gorgeous shot, Suzanne. Your little superhero does have stunning eyes. Is it fair for superheros to be heartbreakers?

Kathi D

Oh my gosh, those eyelashes! They must be a mile long!


Oh, my goodness, what an adorable picture!

Modern Crush

Yes yes, those eyelashes...*swoon* Love the shot! xo

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