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November 29, 2009



Oh Suz, I love this!! Going backward can be so. very. good.

I am right there with you with wanting that motivation, excitement...feelings of newness and I am looking forward to the little bits and fresh feelings, it's so cool to be in that moment and feel inspired again, yay for you!

Great song btw, needed that~


I know the feeling about the blog thing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do in this space.

Pearl Maple

Well said and beautifully presented, having a vision can make all the difference.

Keli Horton

pretty cool idea.

Lorna Harris

Very cool, will especially love seeing more of your photography.

Mental P Mama

Wonderful! I need to work on my vision;)


Looking back is always a great way to gain renewed and refreshed perspective. I love that picture of you with your super cute glasses!

Debbie, Peace Love and Momminess

Ah, where will the path back lead? Can't wait to hear.


I feel that way about twitter lately...

fancy feet

First, I love that shot of you in the mirror.

I'm excited to see what emerges. You know I adore you, right?

The Glamorous Life Association

Yes it is hard to be in both places at once....but I think this is a good idea. One of the few times going backward will take you forward.

Katie - OCMomActivities

I've been doing the same lately. It's my (day) job to help clients focus in on what their objectives are PR/Marketing wise. So it kinda hit me that I should be doing the same for my blog.

I LOVE your posts. Thanks for the affirmation that I'm not alone in this mothering in OC thing... ;)


I don't know where "backward" is for you, but this is what I think makes you "fresh"...a unique perspective on life that makes the normal seem magical, relating your (almost) :P perfect taste in music to a mood or situation, eavesdropping (sp?) on the world in a way that makes everything worth appreciating or something to learn from, expressing quirkiness or vulnerabilities in way that makes them appealing. There ya go.


Your photographic eye inspires me. I have never seen work from a single photographer whose work grabs me EVERY. TIME. Like yours does. Or you do -- however you say it. And I think your new blog focus is a winner.


Unpredictability is a vision too but it´s good that you have a clear goal in mind now. It always helps.


And you are still even more glamorous with those glasses!


Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Love everyone of this shots. And I love your vision! ;D

Alan Haft

I'm really enjoing reading your posts. You have some really interesting ideas.
And this one with the vision, I really appreciate it.

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