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November 02, 2009


Mental P Mama

Um.. I would like all the Butterfingers, please. And--break a leg!!!

Joe Sweden

So happy for you. You deserve your spot there. You're very talented.

fancy feet

We've been doing much sorting here and I'm sneaking candy. They haven't figured out the part about counting their candy. Until then...I'll continue sneaking.

Hippo Brigade

So, I was at Ruby's the other day, and I picked up an OC Family magazine, and I saw you! I felt like I knew a celebrity. Yes, I likened you to a celebrity, how you like them apples?


Congrats, Suz. I'll have to surf on over.
It looks like quite a haul for Halloween. Has everyone finished bouncing off the walls?

Debbie, Peace Love and Momminess

You're doing a great job juggling everybody! Sure it was and is a lot to get your head around. You're the perfect gal for the gig.

lisa mertins

this is so perfect! i'd forgotten those exact rituals in my own family. now that you reminded me, i remember my poor little brother always getting the short end of the pixie stick!

Kathy Sena - Parent Talk Today

Big congrats, Suz! You are a wonderful writer and you deserve to be read all over the place! Love this pic of the post-trick-or-treat booty, too! So much fun to see the kids sort through everything. My son was into trading with friends, too. Such negotiations over a Snickers bar!

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