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November 10, 2009


Mental P Mama

I had such a laugh over this one. That was a real news flash. Not.


I'm sure it would be more work than it was worth to get the money back anyways! Yeah, I'm totally in the same boat. I didn't think it would make them smarter, but it gave me a nice reprieve when needed.


Love, love , love Baby Einstein, I bet I have them all. My boys still like them and watch them in the car. They specifically ask to watch the "Baby Songs" video. I like the music as well so it's a win-win for me.
Like you I am just upset I did not think of it and definitely used it to get a shower every other day (LOL)!

carissa... brown eyed fox

i second that! cheers to Julie!

i admit... there were more than just a couple of days i plopped my daughters in front of Baby Einstein... yep i did that!
but they LOVED them... and i know they learned from them!

mommy got to shower... they got to yell out names of all the fun animals running across the screen!

refund... i think i might owe HER.


My thoughts exactly. Why would anyone think that TV would be the best education for their kids anyway?

BEing childless and all... am I expected to keep my legs shaved? If thats the case I don't know what'll happen when I have kids.....


Agreed. 100%!

Headless Mom

Yep. Loved those videos. They were the only thing my youngest would respond to when he had night terrors. I won't be asking for my money back either-I think they were worth their weight in gold!


My daughter was never interested in B.E. If the Backyardigans give refunds any time soon I'll pass them up, because she is still fixated on that one. I LOLed at the picture too. :-)

Steve Averill

Great take on a hot topic around our house (with my teacher wife)...completely agree on your take, nice job.

Art Cant Hurt

and i thought i was the only one "using" baby einstein that way! :)
anyone actually taking them up on their refund would be sad - i second your kudos to julie!!! thanks for saying what we all were thinking!
take care!


I didn't think the DVDs were going to give my girl an advantage on her Ivy League college applications, but I did like that classical music, real works of art, and simple concepts were put together in a thoughtful way. I'm guessing all of that is lost on a baby's mind anyway. They just like the puppets.

fancy feet

Great, great post Suz!! Oh please to Disney...who are they trying to kid? Go Julie!

Gabrielle Valentine

I wonder if this is why they took Little Einsteins away, too. I haven't seen them on tv lately - my kids always love that show - but I noticed they've put all the toys on sale at the stores. Interesting.


I'm totally with you on this one! :D

Emily broughton

O.m.g I love that pic. Emal that to me pleeees if you said yes yaaay :D you no war to find me bye! :D :D :D


Bwa ha ha! Love it. I am soooo stocking up on Baby Einstein DVDs.


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