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November 09, 2009



classic story about the dream. adorable shot of the shoes! thanks for sharing it!


Love the picture!

Love the side story!


I love these shoes. I have them in grey and on the way from Nordstrom in black and brown. Love them.

Mental P Mama

That is funny. Poor Ben. I know lots of men who are afraid of women and their fruit-toting shoes;)


My girls love thier converse too. As far as I know, they don't walk by themselves...if they did, I would hope they could manage to get back in the closet without my help!


I get Ben. I have a fear of peeling paint for just such a reason. Except for the oranges part. I totally love oranges.

Cute story about the shoes!

Kathi D

Those shoes are far too clean to walk by themselves. That usually only happens after they get really stinky and dirty.

Kristin Eldridge

All my kids wear converse...I think we own just about every color/style! My personal fave is black on black that Crew Cuts (J. Crew for kids) is carrying right now.

Melissa G

LOVE the pink Converse. My girl has a red pair and they may be her most prized possession.

The Glamorous Life Association

Aw so sweet. Tell her I rock the pink converse too. And black and off white and chocolate brown and....

I heart converse.

Tell Ben I will put them all away if he would just come visit me again. I heart Ben too.


fancy feet

I love that he thinks that the orange is the worst fruit ever. And pink converse being a nightmare for him? I love that too. This post just made me laugh. Sheesh! He's cute.


Love the Converse's, pink shows are the best. I will be hard pressed to get my boys to wear any...maybe I go snag a pair for myself!


Pink converse are the best!!! Sisters can be a challenge. My heart goes out to Ben . . . to a 5-year-old (who tries his best to be VERY brave), this is serious stuff. "SO-SO" (Ben's "special friend") may be able to help convince him his courage will overcome. Great story/picture/Event!!


Ha ha...too funny. I love the shoes! :D


I love the pink chucks! They r super adorable. Nice side story btw

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