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October 11, 2009


fancy feet

I wish you the very best. The very, very best! I absolutely love your blog and your writing. Can't wait to see what you'll do next!

Jen & Bern

On to bigger and better! You've obviously made a great name for yourself and you've pressed on to express your awesome creativity. I love your writing....


Oh my, I knew the NY Times would come looking for you soon enough!!!
You are so full of talent, I hope you have found something fulfilling for you Suz. Can'T wait to see/hear what you are up to!!!


Oh, and I love that movie too!!!


Can't wait to hear all about the new and exciting news ahead! Love you and your blog! :D


I enjoyed reading about your blogging history. The whole creative outlet thing is partly why I decided to start blogging, and why I haven't stopped.


You are such an inspiration to me. :)

Mental P Mama

I am right here in the sidecar whirring along with you! And that little boy is too cute! He needs an agent.

The Glamorous Life Association & Publication

Nothing cuter than a 4 year old saying 'SCREW EM!'....so charming.

A wonderful exit post.

I think you could totally kick the soviets butt too.

lisa mertins

suzanne, you've worked hard with all the heart anyone could ask for, inspiring everybody around you to follow their bliss. best wishes for your future. i'll be watching your firey, sparkle-tailed rocket all the way!


SCREW 'EM! That little boy is priceless. No way would my Peezer be able to pull that off.

Keep us posted on your next adventure!


Suz, I aspire to be you when I grow up! You have more talent in one lug nut than all the other Cars put together...sorry, too many viewings of CARS at my house. You do have talent though, m'dear, and tons of it. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

And I loved that movie! The little kid is soo cute too!

Big Hair Envy

Congratulations on making those dreams come true! Wait. You're bringing back Wendy Ward Charm School, aren't you? I KNEW it! Never did find my old book...

Katie - OCMomActivities

Huge congrats! You deserve every one of the wonderful things coming your way! You've given me such inspiration! Thank you! :)


Congratulations!! I'm so glad I get to watch these adventures of yours!


I was telling my husband the other day that I wished I loved team sports, but I don't, I just do not. I try and try but it's just not in me. This video makes me wish all the more that I loved team sports, but I don't. I have to say that I do love this kid and that I'm amazed by his delivery. Thanks for sharing another amazing moment with us Suz, and good, great luck with the new writing job. I love watching you work!


Congrats! You are a very talented writer/photographer! I will miss reading you at the Register but I'm looking forward to your new adventures!

Joe Sweden

Just had to get hockey in there didn't you?


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