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October 16, 2009


Katie - OCMomActivities

You are so right! Good. Now that explains why I watch the show! (I don't need to hide it anymore...)


You can also learn how to dress from these women. If you're out shopping and are considering purchasing an item of clothing, ask yourself, "Would any of the RHOO wear this?" If the answer is 'yes' or even 'maybe' hang it back up and leave the store. These ladies ooze cougarificness.

Gabrielle Valentine

That's hilarious. And how true!


Hahahaha! I'm addicted to this show, well really to all the RHO shows. I love the idea of flipping around the parenting advise. Oh this list is too funny. Thanks for always making me laugh.


Ok I love you! you hit the nail on the head with this post.

I hope your readers check out my RHOOC close encounter..


Bwahaha! Yes, the circle of life.


Seriously funny! And great advice. It's kind of like What Not to Wear. Watch the Real Housewives of OC to learn what not to wear, how not to behave and how not to raise your children. They should market the show like that.

Big Hair Envy

My stomach usually turns around 360 degrees when I watch that show. Yet, I can't seem to look away...:/

noe noe girl

Oh you are one true fan!

Miss Cellania

I've never seen the show, but I think of you every time I hear the title!


You put way too much effort into that post, Suz. Are you sure you're not a fan?? '~)
The only Real Housewife I've ever seen was on Bonnie Hunt. She was one of the Real Atlanta housewives and she took part in a quiz. Didn't know a thing. It was mesmerizing.

Serendipitous Girl

SSG finds herself unable to hear what they say, she's too busy watching how NONE of their foreheads move.


you may have a point here... still, those people SCARE me! ;)

Peace Love and Momminess

Rh-hrr, the snark comes out. LOL. A friend of mine is acting as a real estate agent of Tamra's this season, so I gotta watch (like I needed the excuse). He is the best, and says it's gonna be a trainwreck. Deb

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