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October 05, 2009



Love it! Not the outcome of the game, of course. I'm all for them starting the season on the road next year. Here's to hoping they rebound on this road trip. Great Whrrl photos. Hopefully we can be spaz for more than six months, say eight? :)

Mental P Mama

I don't like hockey. Sorry;) But I will cheer for the Ducks!!!!


Cute slide show! My comment on the last page? Yell louder. Clearly, they couldn't hear you.

Suz Broughton

Jenelyn: I didn't want to jinx it!
Mental P Mama: I'll make a fan of you yet :) Thanks for the cheers from across the country!
Meg: Larry suggested I might not yell AS LOUD because the players kept dropping their sticks and clutching their ears from the piercing sound, hence making them unable to shoot. That, he suggested, was why SOG was so low first half of game. But I agree with you, louder next time :)


LOL, poor Larry...the Padres put theirs on the seat in front of you, so instead of being squished you just just beer in your hair, good times!

Good luck to your Ducks!


oh wow. those cupholders look painful. we have a hockey team here, and i haven't gotten into it. but i'm equal opportunity, i've only been to one Braves game this season. You look mahvelous on the red carpet, as always!


I love that you love the ducks so much... Your enthusiasm is contagious! Looks like you had a great time...

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