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October 09, 2009



I love steve perry!

The Glamorous Life Association & Publication

I have a crush on Randell now.
(you can be mad at me later for this comment. I am okay with that.)

Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

You are not selling me....I don't think any of them should be wearing tank tops..and Richard Simmons creeps me out, big time!


I'm a wimp....I couldn't enlarge the photo, too scary!!

I am proud to say my hubbie has never worn a tank top but some of his comfy work shirts are see through...

Have a great weekend!

Mental P Mama

You are so funny. I think they are called wife beaters in this neck of the woods...but that Richard Simmons?

noe noe girl

The thing I dont like about tank tops are the hairy arm pits. They just dont do a thing for me. Happy Friday!


Although this post is funny, I still say no man should wear a tank top. As for the video, holy cow. How is it that a band that can make me so happy could have been so atrociously ridiculous? What's with the keyboard mounted on the side of the building anyway?


Hugh Jackman can wear a tank top any day of the week! I'm just sayin'.


I had already clicked the Richard Simmons photo, of course. Always looking for good makeup tips.

I must allow all basketball players with the exception of Andrei Kirilenko (and maybe a few others) to wear tank tops. No one has arms like a basketball player.

And a big part of why Journey creeps me out IS the tank top.

Sorry, but whether or not I agree with you, this post was hilarious!

Marlys a.k.a. Clonizelo

I can't believe...out of 643 songs on my iTunes random playlist, it was playing Separate Ways when I started reading your post!!
Have to agree w/Angry Julie on Richard Simmons!


I took that double dog dare. I can hardly see right now.
Love this post Suz. You are so brilliantly funny!!!

ps. I am wearing a tank top now. is that ok? None of my chest hair is exposed though.


Okay, I clicked on the Richard Simmons photo and Ewwwwww! Is he wear mascara and lip gloss?
Is that chick wearing white pumps after Labor Day (LOL)? I think my husband owns that shirt and has had it since Journey was popular.


Looking forward to your Speedo permission list...not really, but you are going to do that too?:-)


i love a tank under a crisp, white business shirt. especially when the man takes it off movie star style! yowza!


OH my god, I love that video. Ah, the 80s. So fabulous! I remember those black leather skirts! I used to have one! LOL. :D


um, hello? JOHN BONJOVI

Peace Love and Momminess

Where do you come up with stuff? You're killin' me. :) How about a tank with a Speedo?

fancy feet

Oh man! Loved this post! I was just saying how I hate men in tank tops. It just shouldn't be done. But, you're right. There are exceptions and you've chosen good ones.


This is a great post, as usual. I just wish you had given me permission, too, because I love wearing tank tops. In that summer that is practically all I wear. I know many ladies out there are offended by them and I say that is just not fair!

Does it help if I have a flat stomach and I keep my "bushy armpits" in check?


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What an awesome list! Great idea with the Friday Five Suz!!! Richard Simmons....LOL


Ok, I have to agree. I was doubtful though. When I first started reading I couldn't think of a single man who was allowed to wear tank tops.

Joe Sweden



Sorry Suz but I've got to say it: he's cute. :)


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