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October 23, 2009



I can't wait to get home and listen to all of these. "Cuz I only recognize the names of half of them :)


Oh so funny! I don't know any Morrissey or Smiths, but I knew the others. I had never thought of this idea. BRILLIANT! The girls are already annoyed by my musical predilections. Lately I launch into the background vocals from Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road" to annoy them. Try it; it works.


First, thanks a lot for the Kiss on my List head stick. I'll have to use some of these, though right now Melody might think the Safety Dance is fun. My hubs is actually a Men Without Hats connoisseur...now that's scary!


Since I don't have kids, well, I'll have to save this advice for later. I would think 80's movies might work in much the same way. I have a whole slew of movie lines from the 80's that would probably be annoying too. :)

And I'm not too proud to admit that I actually listen to a Hall & Oates greatest hits CD.


I love this Suz!!! All your songs are perfect, but I constantly find myself in the kitchen telling them to "Just Beat it"....
Have a great weekend!


Too Shy is a favorite! Sadly enough, when I would listen to it back in the day, I didn't really know what the words were, but I sang along any way. Ha!


FUN! Let me warn you though: The older they get, the more dramatic the eye rolls, and when they get to middle school, there will be, oh, 9 months to a year where they roll their eyes so hard that they pop out of their sockets and bounce through the kitchen, which will then be followed by at least 2 years (we're still counting) of them alternately ignoring you altogether, or looking you square in the face and saying, "STOP. MOM. STOP."

I'm famous for quoting Talking Heads songs, mostly... and they loathe it when I say "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding..." But do I stop? Oh, no.


The safety dance was indeed dorky as hell. Never seen that one before. The best one is still Kajagoogoo. That chorus is so catchy and I can picture the duet. That video was so awful that it became almost good. The haircuts, electronic drums, old videotape twitches, thumb bass...it would be too cruel to expose any small villain to that video!


Thank you for this post. You have just saved my sanity. We are moving in a week and whilst my 3 year old thinks he is "helping" me, he's really just driving me to lunch time drinking. As I put a lovely, breakable item in to a box, he is taking a family heirloom out of another one...or wrapping masking tape around his infant brother ("look mom, I packed Miles!"). Today I was saved by a long forgotten easter craft but tomorrow...oh, tomorrow...project 'annoy kids' will be in full effect. Not only will I sing some 80's tunes and like, totally enjoy it, but I will also ask him "Why?" after everything he says and laugh maniacally on the inside...


Ok I LOVE the lyrics, "You can whine if you want to.. cause your friends don't whine and if they don't whine, they get all their DS time." Brilliant, Suz. Especially since I took all of my son's DS time today and probably tomorrow, too.

Mental P Mama

OMG!!! Love these! Safety Dance...will be singing that all day long;)

fancy feet

Fabulous list!! I loved "Too shy shy"! I mean, loved it.

Man, you're good....


Funny stuff, especially the Safety Dance improv. I serenaded my asthmatic daughter with Toy Dolls the other day.


This is awesome! The other night, my wife said "Believe it or not..." and I started singing the song. The kids didn't believe it was an actual song so I downloaded it onto my IPhone. They thought I was crazy. Guess I showed them who's boss!

BTW...you & I are definitely products of our generation...


LOL. Number 5. The best.

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