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September 08, 2009



I'm going to go floss now...


Brilliant! I am going to make my older boys watch this one... and maybe my husband, too. (hee hee) I think the 4 year old can wait, though, especially since he's already missing three bottom teeth from a spill he took when he was one year old. He's freaked enough about teeth as it is.


EEEEWWWWW!!!! That makes my teeth hurt!!! GAH!

Ann Again

This really gets the message across. Yikes!

And thanks so much for reminding me of Timer :-> I still sing "Hanker For A Hunk of Cheese". I've got to show these to my girls.

noe noe girl

Gonna show this to my Little T!


I c an t r ea lly t ype thi s goo d ca us e I am fl os si ng my tee t h.

ugghhh. You promised. Love that Emily.


i couldn't even watch the video. emily's tougher than me.

Jen & Bern

HAHA! I read this on Mom Blog before, but hadn't seen the video. Hilarious... you're the best writer of stories. And I too am off to brusha, brusha, brusha!


The boys and I watched this last night and joked about the bad dreams and wouldn't you know, I dreamed that I discovered one, two, three, then four rotten teeth in the front of my mouth, including one that just...popped out - I was trying to call for a dental appointment and worrying about how much it was gonna cost me and wondering how this all happened so suddenly!!!


this is a riot. I'm curious to see if the video has made a lasting impression (?) in the good way or the "I'm gonna cry" way. Teaching kids to brush teeth is ongoing - actually i think I should show this to my teens... I feel like an idiot telling them to brush now. I hear myself say it and cringe.

Mental P Mama

Okay. I am going back to my toothbrush right now.


Soo funny. No one tells a story like you.


Gah! Eeek! Ick! But it worked :)


Now I really want some Snickers...NOT!

fancy feet

I didn't watch. I was too afraid of being completely grossed out. I am all over the teeth brushing thing and have tried the 'scaring them straight' technique as well. Ben doesn't care, but Annie is constantly saying how her teeth could fall out and have a mouth full of fillings if she doesn't her brush her teeth until they are sparkling. Whatever works, I say.

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