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September 18, 2009



What a great idea! I dug Lloyd Dobler, too, and his speech is one of the best comedy speeches EVER. I haven't seen P&P, though, so I don't know from Darcy. "Princess Bride" is one of my top five favorite movies, and Westly wasn't half bad.

But Jake Ryan did nothing for me -- sorry! I took your dare. And, um, Robby Benson gives me hives. Or he would if I were to watch him for more than five seconds. Sorry.


i am SO with you on #4 and #2 (in that order). I also love Mark Darcy ala Brig Jones. hmmmmmm something about those accents


I haven't seen Ice Castles. I love all of those but especially Jake, Westly and especially Mr. Darcy. #1 would be an easy pick for me though. Mr. Darcy all the way. I'd also like to put in a vote for Mr. Rochester. And yes, as Sandie said, maybe even Mark Darcy too. :)

lisa mertins

oh, mr. darcy. love! like! that!

thanks for the brief swoony moment on a swelter-y friday afternoon.


Mr. Darcy is my choice for #1 too! Ha, love Robby Benson and Ice Castles. I just have to hear that music and the tears start flowing :) Fun!


I'm missing out here! I've never seen Princess Bride or Ice Castles. Love love Jake Ryan and Mr. Darcy. I totally agree- there is not one woman between the ages of 35-45 that at one time did not have a crush on Jake Ryan. My 14 year old niece just discovered Sixteen Candles a couple of weeks ago and is in LOVE!


This is a total chick post.

Mental P Mama

Darcy all the way.


MR. DARCY!!! All the way, though I did have a major crush on Lloyd, Mr. Darcy has it all. ***swoon***


I adore Lloyd and your other picks as well. I'll be happy to take your cast-offs. Ice Castles - I'd forgotten all about that one. I remember finding Robby Benson simultaneously attractive and repulsive - I think it was his voice. :)


You are TOTALLY from the 80's! And I love that about you! I might have to list MY Top 10 favorite 80's hotties...just to celebrate! :-)


I love your list Suz. Lloyd...yep he is the 'realistic' number one. Jake Ryan, fantasy number one.
Embarrassed to say, I did not see Ice Castles or Princess bride and I just recently saw Pride and Prejudice. So, you see, I did grow up in an abusive home. :)


MR. DARCY - smoldering, sexy, the tension. THE most romantic movie and with only one kiss!


Great post! I wonder who mine would be.


i LOVE Jake Ryan. I even tried to name one of my kids Jake Ryan but the hubby wasn't having it.

Lorna Harris

Colin Firth is the only Mr Darcy for me :)


Thanks for the 5 tips for male readers. The hockey fight was totally necessary for this post. Hey, if you haven't already done the Poison Arrow thing, I don't own a gold lame suit, and I'm certainly no Martin Fry, but I might be willing to barter for some B-52's. :)


I have seen almost every Pride and Predujice movie out there, as it was one of my favorite books of hers. That one is by far my favorite. Oooh, I'm getting little heart flutters! Ah, the romance!


Oh Jake Ryan. Oh how I loved him. And I dated a guy for 6 years in college that looked like him.

I've never seen Ice Castles but I'll go put it into my netflix!

fancy feet

I love Lloyd Dobler. The boom box, the watching out for Diane at the party, his career in kickboxing....what's not to love.


Jake Ryan, ooohh that boy was handsome! As an homage to Jake Ryan, the "love interest" for Miley/Hannah Montana on the show is named Jake Ryan, although the boy is not nearly as delicious as Michael Schoeffling. Whatever happened to him, you ask? Why he could never get another role like that one and he makes furniture in Pennsylvania. What's that? Noooo, I wouldn't classify myself as a "stalker-stalker".....

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