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September 23, 2009



Quite a few girls have done this in my daughters grade 5 class. Amazing little people! Kudos to you and your baby! What a gift.


I am so proud of Emily. And of YOU too.

Headless Mom

My 9yo son! just did it. So proud!

Mental P Mama

Such a beautiful child. Inside and out....

amanda thiessen

so rad! :)


What a great kid you have, and what a great cause! I almost forgot about Sun-in, now I'm remembering the smell. :)


Such a great thing to do!

Kathi D

What a darling girl!

lisa mertins

thank you emily for being so selfless.


If I had any hair I would love to participate. Unfortunately..


Ha, ha. I turned my hair orange with sun-in, too. Fried it with perm solution also. Never had the kind of hair that could be donated, but several of my relatives do and have donated to Locks of Love. Give your daughter a big hug (I'm sure you have done so many times by now) for being so sweet and selfless.

fancy feet

I'll bet you're proud! And having seen her...she suits her new hair. :)

It was so, so great meeting you and your family, Suz!! You are just lovely and a breath of fresh air.


What a wonderful little girl. So funny about Sun-in. I had more than one melt-down related to that stupid product.

Bhavesh Chhatbar

It's truly touching. She has a lot of courage!!

Kas Plateau: http://infobybvc.blogspot.com/2009/09/kas-plateau.html


What a cool idea. I cut mine off for lock of love after my oldest was born. I thought I would miss it but I think knowing it went to such a great charity made it easy to cope.
The asymmetric bob...oh the memories. I should try and find a picture of me with 1. an asymmetric bob and 2. my super orange Sun-In hair. I know there's a few tucked away somewhere.

Gabrielle Valentine

That's so sweet of her! I actually have fallen in love with synthetic wigs lately - different styles/colors at the drop of a pin! I think I'll get my real hair cut/donate it to something like this, too!


What a wonderful little girl you have! I don't know that my DD's hair would get long enough to cut it off. She doesn't like it getting too long anymore. I cut off my hair for LOL a few year's ago. Yeah, 12 inches was a lot to lose, but it went for a great charity.

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