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August 21, 2009



Man, that's gorgeous.

The Glamorous Life

We don't go back till Sept 8th. and I am still sad too.
I adore summer. I like being the 'yes' mom (yes you can have a popsicle, yes you can stay up late....) and soon I have to become the warden, the tutor and THE MOM.


Another amazing photo. I will miss you summer...

J Bar

Good one.
Sydney - City and Suburbs


Remember when I spilled white wine all over my tshirt??? Yep, that is my summer.
I love this post Suz..and your picture. It makes me take a moment to reflect...these are the best days we may ever have. Right?
I hope your kids, as well as mine have a lovely school year to come.


Such a beauty!


We are inland and East of you out there in the OC.
Summer is indeed on the way out here too. Sure we will have a few more hot days but there are cool nights now and yellow school buses on the roads training drivers on routes.
Thanks for the smile and song!


End of summer now? You are so lucky, it ended a looong time ago for me. Now you can easily justify the longing for the summer in your glowing photos where California is Dreaming all the time.

Pearl Maple

Great photo for Sky Watch Friday and to celebrate the end of summer holidays. It is a delicious time of year, winding down from long days playing in the sun and thinking about the season to come. Thanks for sharing with us all.


What a gorgeous image. Summer flew very quickly here--after showing up very late. But it was good. Best of luck with back to work.


I'm surprised at how early some children go back to school in other parts of the country. I have a friend in Ariz. whose kids went back within the last two weeks. Here in Michigan, the Legislature pushed the start of school to after Labor Day because early starts affected the tourism industry.

Marlys a.k.a. Clonizelo

ooohhh, great photo! The bird gives it that extra delight! Perfect song too.


I too can not believe that we are approaching the end of summer. The one good thing for me is that once summer in over the shore house is free of renters so we can head down on the weekends. We love the shore in the early fall.

fancy feet

What a gorgeous photo! Beautiful, beautiful.

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