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August 26, 2009



Great picture! We have never eaten at the Filling Station. Must try it out!

noe noe girl

Great name for a place to eat and hang out!


again with the beautiful shots Suz. Great job!


i walk by there every tuesday around 11:45 am. you go there a lot, suz? i used to know tons of people who work there.

Mental P Mama

Awesome shot;) As always....


I love that picture. I love Orange.


I don´t know what car that is from the emblem only. Got to know.

I just listened to a lot of The Jam when I had to pick my favourite tune from them ( a game-thing). Eventually my choice was 'Start!' Now I have to see if 'Beat Surrender' is better!


Great picture, nice car, but whatever it is, it's not a Rolls Royce.
Would make a great album-sleeve image.

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