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August 29, 2009



Oh you heard that?


So totally kidding by the way...


Caps rookie camp starts next week!

noe noe girl

You are a true fan! And that is the perfect picture! <><


No eye rolls from me! You are so sweet to post about our meeting IRL. It was a highlight for me as well. And that is one very special picture. Thanks again to you and Sara--perfect hosts for the evening! It was great to meet other Ducks fans. I look forward to talking with you more and cheering on the Ducks with you this fall.


Yay, awesome post!! Love the Twitter screen shot, can't wait to get to partake in such "discussions" this season =) Huge thanks to you and Sara for making the Tweetup happen, I couldn't have met cooler Duck fans!

Pearl Maple

Too fun, my sister played hockey as a teenager in the 70s and still coaches, she is a true hockey nut and why not it is such a fun game. Bring on the season!

Kathi D

I have to admit I may be only half-listening. I'm not much of a sports follower! I take some interest in the Lakers, because their GM Mitch Kupchak is Rick's cousin, and one of the dearest men I've ever met. Other than that, I'm pretty boring to watch a game with. (Poor Rick!)

My nephews are big Phoenix Coyote fans, though. They used to take their nephew to the games when he was still in diapers. And I don't even think it was totally because they were using him as a chick magnet, although that was probably part of it.


I guess Teemu will hang out there forever. He never leaves no matter what happens.


i love the "duck" side of you... it's always so unexpected!

Mental P Mama

I am not even close to being a hockey fan. But in honor of your--erm--obsession, I will cheer for the Ducks all year!

Keli Horton

I kinda felt like you were talking to me. I will hang on during Hockey Season even though it's not my favorite side of you..


Hmmm, I'm not rteally into sports.

But I'm all for supporting tasty cupcakes!

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