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August 20, 2009



Awesome photo of the gumball jars.
Nice to meet you tonight!
Your photography is gorgeous!
- dana of MADE


p.s. Orange County Daily Photo was one of my top picks. Glad to see that you're part of that too!



Keli Horton

yeah! I knew you would win. Congratulations and keep up the fun work.


Congrats Suz!!!! You deserve it...you are fabulous. I am so glad we spotted each other way back when!

Mental P Mama

WooHoo! I am not surprised in the least!


Congratulations! You have a fabulous blog :) It was fun seeing you last night :)


Congrats. Glad to hear you won, I love your blog!

Looks like you had a great time. I'm sorry I missed it.


Congratulations. Your blog is a visual delight and a daily indulgence.


I always knew you were a superstar! Congratulations on your award, I am sure many more will follow. Bravo!

Peace Love and Momminess

Congrats!!! You make it all look so effortless, but I know it's a lot of work. Love reading your writings :)

Jamie Bengard

YAY!!! Good to know that my vote counted!! I feel like I was the one that just won something. Is that weird? LOL. Congrats!!



Baby Favorite

Congratulations! I can't think of any blogger (OC or not) more deserving. You're an amazing writer and person in general.

Modern Crush

Congratulations! It sounded like a blast, awesome pictures!

jen broas

Awesome Suz! I'm not surprised, since I'm faithfully checking your blog daily! Your writing and your photos are entertaining! Looking forward to many more blog posts! (Love the Just Spotted jars)


Congratulations Suz! You deserve it!

amanda thiessen

congrats!! that's so awesome!! and nice new banner too :)

Hippo Brigade

congratulations! I love those bell jars with the gum balls in them. So adorable. Good for you for winning. You deserve it!

Dana Sipper

Congrats again Suz, you deserve it! Great photo booth pics and the one of Marcy outside of it is so fab!

Headless Mom

Looks like you didn't have any fun at all. So sorry.

Ha! Congrats!!!


Just did my posts about the photo booth... Why haven't we gotten any pix together at any of this stuff!?!


Congratulations!!! :-)


Congrats, Suz, for a well-deserved win!


Excellent. Good for you because you really made the effort to be the best. It seems they didn´t mind that best local blog got votes from places that could hardly be called local.

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