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June 08, 2009



Oh GREAT, now I'm going to have bad dreams because of this picture!!! Thanks a lot, Suz! Sheesh!

Jen Broas

That IS creepy! Unfortunately, I see this van is from Oregon... I'm sorry an Oregonian has let you down. Or maybe the vehicle has been stolen...


That is just sick and wrong. Sick. And. Wrong. As for what creeps me out? This van. This van creeps me out.

Mental P Mama

Well, now I don't like vans either. Great.


Your video was a riot! I feel the same way when in areas I am not so sure of...and a little fear of vans, but more of a fear of interstate traffic and tunnels.

Joe Sweden

I hadn't ever seen that video!! F$%Kin hilarious! "Dead bodies on the street.." Very very funny!
That van is cool. I'd drive it.

Big Hair Envy

That van is creepy, in a demonic sort of way. "Never. Never" on the bumper? What the heck??

I hate a clown...


van is weird, I must admit, ...can't see video, though


That would be Extremo the Clown's most awesome van. You should be very scared of Extremo..


hahah this is hilarious.

by the way, i gave you an award today! see my blog for info. :]

Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

The van is totally freaky!!! I don't like vans either and I have to drive one for work.


Oh I'm with you. It's clowns. My phobia all stems from some dumb movie where a haunted clown hid under a little girls bed. Shudder. Freaks me out just to think about it!


ok vans don't normally creep me out but this one in the photo does...

Live More Now

Wow! What a nice little package! A rape van WITH tinted windows, AND clowns and bunnies?! Holy cow - the whole experience doesn't get better than that!!!!


I've seen this creepy van before. I just watched your video for the first time - you crack me up!!


wow! That is super creepy! It's like a Steampunk project gone wrong!


I personally get freaked out by those beat-up ice cream trucks in the neighborhood, when the music is old and tired and out of tune (and I don't mean from the Doppler Effect, I mean when it's just sitting there). That always feels like the set-up for a cheesy horror movie.

Grant Forest

You are crazy! Crazy as a clown!


I've said this before, although not here: blogging is a invaluable mental health tool. Seriously, all those things that our family and friends don't want to hear or know about, we get to talk about them all we want on our blogs and our blogging buddies love us for it. It's a win/win situation. I've seen your van phobia video and it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. One day, you'll have your own talk show.


That van is the perfect storm of creepiness.
What creeps me out? . . . birds. Ever since my dad tormented my pet parakeet and made him mean, I think all birds would do me harm if given the opportunity . . . they way they tilt their head to look at you (because their eyes are on the side of their head).


I had never seen this...and I enjoyed it on so many levels!!!

Eels creep me out. Really, really super bad.

That's funny that you had to go back to Irvine to find your lunch and feel better. And then there was a van. In Irvine? Scary things like vans in Irvine? Naaahhhhhh.


Clowns creep my out! Ick, I have always hated them and I refuse to go to the circus because of them. Creepy weirdos hiding behind their happy clown make up, pretending to be sad or happy or confused or whatever, you know they are just plotting their next move to rob a bank or kidnap an innocent dog or something equally disgusting.


Vans creep me out...now! thanks a lot!

fancy feet

Clowns completely creep me out. Completely.

That van is hysterical and kinda nuts.

David Moyle

LOL! This van was part of the creepy art show they had of paintings of creepy clowns at one of the galleries.

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