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June 15, 2009



Ok - this photo has all my favorite colors: red, aqua, red, aqua, red...LOVE the skirt. But really love the shoes. to summarize, love the photo.

Twenty Four At Heart

I love that song too! Pretty skirt!


L.O.V.E. this skirt! The photo is great...but the skirt is wonderful. Great party choice.


Pretty skirt. Great song.


Love the skirt, toes and sandals. Oh, this song? Totally awesome!

Mental P Mama

Too cute! Love it!


Beautiful photo!! The skirt is fabulous!!

noe noe girl

OK you can pass that skirt on to me!

jen broas

Fab photo, Fab skirt, Fab toes! :)

Joe Sweden

Wow! Stunning!

fancy feet

I'm echoing what jen up there said....fab everything! The colors! The toes! Everything! Gorgeous and completely fancy free!

Grant Forest

It looks almost like a skirt for the fifties. Very cool. Those toes are cool too.
Is that really the name of the band? LOL!


Love this shot - so well executed. You look good, too. :) I have a closet full of clothes that I don't feel like wearing, but mostly because they are a "wee bit" too small.

Love that Train song, too.


I absolutely LOVE this picture and your skirt! :D

The Predo

Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!

Jenelyn Russo

So very beautiful! Stopped by Anthropologie today--wandered through and soaked it all in! And I always have loved that song.


Pretty picture. Who doesn't love barefoot weather?


You skirt and the picture are both lovely. Love the toe polish too!

Hugs and Mocha,


Really, I can spell! Y-O-U-R!


super cute skirt...love the toes too

Big Hair Envy

You sat at the Cool Kids' Table, didn't you?


Love the aqua/red combination, like, really, really love it! =D
And I love it on this beautiful skirt!
And I really, really love the song too -- especially when it comes on the radio while driving on PCH, and I can blast it!


That is an absolutely gorgeous skirt. What a great choice. Now I want to go dredge through my closet and figure out what I need to resurrect. Thanks for the inspiration!


Pretty Skirt!


This is now my favorite photo of yours! Just lovely. That song is great too.

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