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June 01, 2009



That's a beautiful idea, btw that drinks looks sooo good, have one for me :-)


An amazing photo and also a worthwhile lesson - although I don't have kids (yet!) I often think about the opportunities in life that slip by because I can't be bothered that day. Sometimes a little bit of effort has a big pay-off. Speaking of, I really must get to our local buterfly farm which is meant to be sensational!


Look at that beautiful macro shot!!


First SSG, now you, with the lemon drops...must try one this summer. Love the dreamy butterfly photo...

Busy Bee Suz

I am not sure which is a prettier sight to see...the butterfly or the lemon drop.
Nice job Mom!


I can almost taste that drink. We have a butterfly house at your zoo that is the most amazing little refuge -- especially in the winter. You cannot be in there for more than a minute without having some tropical neon-winged creature land on your shoulder. Yes, it is the little things in life that make the difference.

Mental P Mama

Beautiful! And so is the butterfly shot....

Kelly George

Too great. I did not know they did that there. You should have called us, Connor and I were right under the bridge at my parents :) You could have joined us for wine tasting :) I was tasting, of course. Connor was watching Sky Kids :) Just though I needed to clear that up!


Inspiring !! Thanks


enchanting on all levels!

Live More Now

That's breathtaking!

fancy feet

Butterflies and lemon drops...sounds like the perfect day. I hear ya on making the effort and getting out there. I have never regretted doing that - getting out there for the kids. It is so completely worth it. And, yeah, a drink doesn't hurt either.

Beautiful shots!

Grant forest

Amazing! You just keep getting better with your camera. That is one awesome photo.

Serendipitous Girl

Mmmmm, lemon drops my absolute favorite ... I might have mentioned it once or twice? The butterflies are so beautiful too! As are you!

Jen & Bern

Glad you went!


What a beautiful memory for Ben & Emily. I'm glad you went and shared it with us.

Joe Sweden

You have outdone yourself with that image. Award winning. Simply stunning.


Your story brought back the memories of releasing a newly hatched butterfly that we had watched through all the stages...just as we released it one of my first graders said...."CALL HOME"...I think of that cleaver student any time I see a butterfly or ET.
I anxiously await your story later this week...boy does that lemon drop look yummy.


Mmm... I dunno which one I like more, the yummy drink or the excellent photo!


Beautiful shot, Suz...and that lemon drop looks quite refreshing! The event sounds like such a magical moment for kids...glad you took the time to go there. Sounds like it was pretty fun. :)


Truly amazing. I love moments like that...from petulance to the unexpected, exciting moment. Makes life interesting for sure. The lemon drop looks delicious!

Big Hair Envy

That Lemon Drop is a lot more interesting than the much anticipated glass of champagne!!! ;)

LOVE the photo!

Laura Burlton

That is one a.m.a.z.i.n.g. photo :) On another note I always find butterflies to be humorous as my husband is deathly afraid of them. yes. seriously.


That is a gorgeous shot Suz! Nicely done! :-)

Cactus Petunia

Beautiful shot! And, yeah...thanks for making me crave a lemon drop at 9 am!

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