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May 11, 2009



Aw, Jiggy.

I feel for him. I don't think he's done just yet...

Fantastic post of course, you're much better at this than I am! I just post bitterness after lazy losses!

Tears...but I'll always love my Ducks!

Elaina Avalos

Great picture, Suz. I think hockey is probably the most exciting sport. But if my family heard me say that (I'm descended from a long line of football players and coaches -- dad and brother coach now) they'd freak. They hate hockey. It's weird really.

Joe Sweden

Great. Awesome. Brilliant. I'm a Kings fan, but respect the hell out of these guys. Giguere will be back. No doubt about that.


Suz, this photo is fantastic! Perfectly composed and those eyes of Jiggy are piercing aren't they? Fierce. He will be back and I think better for the hardship. Goalies are the most fascinating of all the hockey players. They are freaks. in the best possible sense of the word. Great great photo.


It's interesting to me that when I look at the photo, I feel movement even though at this particular moment there isn't any - perhaps it's the intensity reinforced by the crisp color against the ice.

Great photo!

Mental P Mama

It's a great shot. I am not a hockey fan, and have been cheering for the Ducks anyway. My husband is very confused. I enjoy that part;)


I'll be singing that song tonight as the Caps face a do-or-die game in Pittsburgh!

Busy Bee Suz

That is a great shot...and great words to go along with it. As usual!!
So, are you going to be a hockey Mom????

Busy Bee Suz

Oh, I have not heard this song in so loooonnnngggg.
Makes me want to dig out my old Peter Gabriel C.D!!!


Here's hoping Jiggy gets a chance to play real soon. In game 4 of the next round, after the Ducks have reversed course and taken out the Red Wings, and raced to a quick 3-0 lead on the Blackhawks in the Western finals. Then, in order to give the great Hiller a rest, Jiggy wraps up the semi-finals for the Ducks. It's still OK to dream right?


It's not often we have this type of sport seen here, I'm enjoying learning all about it :-)


Stop it!! You're making me like hockey!!!

Serendipitous Girl

SSG loves boys. Boys play hockey. Ergo SSG loves hockey! Keep on posting, sister!


This is also what I like to call a smarty pants post. There isn't a single thing wrong with it. I'm likin' hockey better already.
(Pensacola has/had its own team, The Ice Pilots, now they want to revamp and reinvent so we don't know who we'll be cheering for.)



noe noe girl

WoooHooo! Still Hawt!

Ann Again

Hockey isn't my thing however your words and this picture really touch me. He's like a Gladiator.


I used to be a Hockey fan back in the times I used to live in a colder country and climate! As for your photograph, is stunning, a heck of a great sports image.
Cheers Suzanne!


Oh, and I think you should have sent this shot to Sports Illustrated! :D


That is one of the best Kate-duets ever. There isn´t that many so it´s easy to say.


You know the world is getting too small when you recognize the name of a hockey player on a blog from Orange County. I read the name and thought...didn't he play with the Mooseheads in Halifax. Sure enough, I clicked on your link and there it was. I enjoy checking in on your citrus world. Hockey AND palm trees...what a combo.


I'm not the biggest sports fan but this shot is just fantastic!! This should be in a magazine somewhre.

Well Behaved Krissy

Just another tasty hockey player for me to snack on. yummers!


You like making grown men cry don't you?

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