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February 13, 2009


Andrea Charroin

Wes would do it with you! I will need to get his suit back from the cleaners first.

Grant Forest

I was so happy when I saw this come through on my reader! Finally a little help.
I did think Steve Austin was related in some way to Jane Austen, when you would talk about her I thought, "Oh, they must be doing a sequel" Thank you so much for clarifying.
That guy has BALLS to write a comment like that with your trained-killer husband around.
Lastly, I will not sing "Poison Arrow" with you. I don't own a gold suit and I hate that stupid song. I'm sure you'll find someone who will.
Have a nice weekend.

Elaina Avalos

A guy really left that comment? I'm pretty sure being a Green Beret is like riding a bike. I think maybe Mr. Broughton, Green Beret Tall Guy (official title) should take this meanie out. Mean, mean man!


Closeted. So closeted.

And you didn't clarify: how does Austin Powers fit into this mix?


Thanks for clarifying.


No way did someone leave that comment for you!!! If my in-laws ever start reading my blog I'll have about 10 a day like that... oh dear!




I think your boy-chestedness is what makes you the most elegant and classy lady in the OC. So glad to see a there's at least one woman living there I could be friends with. The whole pushed up cleavage thing is soo tacky.

Why is that dude so insecure? Why would he pick on the sweetest lady in the blogosphere? and what's wrong with being spoiled, hmmm?

Have a great weekend, Suzanne!


you're kidding me...someone called you that :-0 wow!!!!!
Well unfortunately I can't volunteer for that gold lame suit, thank goodness i never had one neither did anyone I've ever known but I do still like ABC - cool song!


So funny. You never cease to crack me up...silly girl.
Have a great weekend!


How can people be so rude?

I, on the other hand, do have the suit of which you speak, and I would be HONORED to sing Poison Arrow with you.

Mental P Mama

Oh my God. I love you.

fancy feet

So funny. I always enjoy your lists. I don't know how you keep coming up with the ideas for them. I admire your creativity. :)


I could watch that Ducks video again and again. Weird seeing Niedermayer fighting a Duck. I don't have a gold suit or any desire to sing that song with you, but I would sing Leather and Lace with you. That would be a good one and I wouldn't have to dress-up or anything.
Good list. I don't know how you come up with this stuff.

Carrie Horton

Your on baby..."Poison Arrow", Jay can do it! He is my rock star and I will share him with you. I will get him the gold lame suit, you practice the song and I will tape it for blog purposes of course.


You are seriously a crazy person and I love it ALL!
My husband would TOTALLY sign "poison arrow" with you! He doesn't have a suit but he does a gold TB shirt he could wear. I can't wait to tell him the difference between Steve and jane Austen. He's going to be soooo surprised !


I´m sorry, I don´t know enough about your personal life to insult you. Sometimes I read those estrogen-filled posts and most of the times I have nothing to say. You have such a large array of subjects which is fun.

That hockey-game was quite entertaining!:-)


Oh come on! I have to respond to these ridiculous allegations.

1. We men know who Jane Austen is. But if we were to pick up one of her books, we burst into flames immediately. STEVE Austin, on the other hand, is freakin' AWESOME and he had a really cool action figure that has a bionic eye and computer stuff that you could pull out of his arm and...well...you get the point.

2. You don't APPEAR to be "boy-chested" by the looks of your picture at the top of this blog. However, being a male, if you wanted to prove it...(but somehow I doubt your hubbie would appreciate that...or my wife either for that matter...)

3. THe famouse Ducks/Flames brawl? Nice. You ARE a cool woman!

4. What is my son doing reading your blog? He's 6, for crying out loud!!!

5. Sorry...but I could NEVER sing THAT song. It's just awful! But I would join you for a rendition of "You Spin Me Round" by Dead Or Alive...


Hilarious! I might have some gold lame somewhere....maybe in the Burning Man box; but it's probably more Priscilla instead of ABC!

Have a gerat day!


Don't tell anyone, but my suit is at the cleaners.......I got some glitter stuck to it!


Only a man would think that your bust size has anything to do with your brain size. Just look at the fine examples of women with anti-boy chest issues, like Jessica Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Lee! They were so smart they knew that if they got boob jobs, no man would even think twice about their level of intelligence.


LOL....great post! And great comments, too!

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