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January 10, 2009



I was there on Tuesday night! I think this guy sits behind me too. For sure the guys that were sitting in front of you were in front of me too. So sad what's happening to the Ducks this season.

Grant Forsest

I'm sure the guys in front of you were just trying to be hospitable. Hockey fans are notoriously hospitable.


Sounds like God can be found everywhere! Even appears to be a Ducks fan, or at least there is hope for that! The Ladies look Fab, and are obviously having a good time. Thanks for sharing!!!!


LOL...yeap, Jesus can be found everywhere, can't he? Glad you had a good time.

Serendipitous Girl

WHERE is SO-SO to kick rowdy drunks to the curb when you need him? : )


This is too funny......asking Jesus to help? I think he may be a bit busy!!!!!!
I also can't stand being around the loud, cussing, drunk people. Well, unless it happens to be me. :0

Mental P Mama



Not even divine intervention is going to help the Ducks this season.


what a great blog you have! i just jumped over from fancy feet. great pictures, great words. your flickr stream is wonderful too. especially the theme park photos and the balloon park pics. i love california, but i'm an east coast girl....an east coast girl that joneses for the west coast at least once a year.

Big Hair Envy

It was so kind of those nice gentlemen to tone down their enthusiasm out of consideration for your children. It's a shame that they don't realize that LADIES should be respected EVEN MORE!!!

Perhaps the Holy Roller behind you wasn't praying for the team, but for the drunks!!!

The fan base sounds like it could rival NASCAR. I wanna go!!!!

fancy feet

I know I keep saying this, but you tell a story so well! I always feel like I'm right there.

Kate Parker

Ha! Beer-squint! Totally using that one!

Ducks fan

"Beer squint!" Good one.

Just saying

I wish you girls sat behind me at the last Ducks game. I have the nastiest hags in OC parked behind me the entire game screaming "Getsy!" "Jiggy" "Bobby!"
It's a F*#&@ing hockey game, not a Jonas Brothers concert!!!
I'm sure you guys were much more respectful.

Joe Sweden

I wish more girls looked like you and your friends at the Ducks games.

Diss Ducks

Oh, nothing will help the Ducks now!! Even if Jesus came right down and played in the games, they are too in the whole.

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