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November 14, 2008



I grew up on Happy Days in the 1970's - the fonz was cool!


I love this. You were such a dork. And I know dorks. I wuz 1 2. ;0 HEYYYYYY.
I love all your lists...the 70's lyrics, loved the James Taylor Fire and Rain. We were SO in.
Take care,
suz (THE SUZ)


Michael Landon! Wiping the sweat off his brow, sporting his suspenders, shirt undone to navel, yes, MEOW! The Fonz? He was too much a player for me.


I don't know what the hey I am doing????
DORK ALERT. Maybe this will work.

Liz Jones

Suz, I loved Michael Landon. I loved Little Joe. I loved Pa Ingall. What I wouldn't have said to get a ride in that buggy..platonic of course since he had 2 kids and Ma.
The Fonz was cool. I liked that guy that Richie Cunningham was friend with. But, I also liked the Eddie guy that was friends with Wally Cleaver. I must have been rebellious.
P.S. Thanks for the send off at my blog. That was very nice. I appreciated it. You are very gracious.

Mental P Mama

Lord how I loved Michael Landon...and as Little Joe in Bonanza? Wow, wow, wow.

lisa mertins

scrrrreeeech! i finally found something we don't have in common, you're 70's crushes. where's ben murphy of alias smith and jones? john travolta? david cassidy??? lee majors? harumph!

The Glamorous Life

Yeah big love here for half-pints dad. Actually I ADORED Little House on the Prarie. I just watched some TV 'making off' show about it and (dork alert) I cried. CRIED. I miss THEM. All of them. I miss walnut grove and Almonzo and all of them. Ya know?

And Barney Miller was another huge favorite. Best dry comedy delivery ever. And killer sets. So authentically 'dirty'.

But the Fonz? Not so much. However, I did always think Postie was pretty hot. Stupid. But hot. You know...just the way I like my men. Ha ha.

Dorks Unite.

Vicki grobels

"the suz" omg love it!!

Grant Forest

Is that a typo? You had a crush on Lech Walesa? The Polish leader? Why?
Besides that, this post is WAY too girlie for me.


As a man I canĀ“t comment on the crush-side of things and only 4 & 5 are familiar to me + Walesa. I would go for Landon, he has more presence and philosophy. Fonz is just a goof.

Well Behaved Krissy

You are absolute "THE Suz". Heyyyyy


LOL "three cooler" like "one louder." LOL
No talk of Daisy Duke? Some guy needs to do one of these on his blog about his crushes....Hawkeye? Are you nuts? WHen there was the Six Million Dollar Man?

big hair envy

I loved Leif Garrett and The Fonz. I didn't appreciate Hawkeye until I was a bit older:) I would have TOTALLY called you "The Suz"!!! You're the coolest:)


I think I can top everyone in the dork department: My first TV crush was Robin from the '60s "Batman." I also liked Leif Garrett, David Cassidy, and Christopher Knight a.k.a. Peter Brady. Ugh. These boys all grew up to be such obnoxious D list actors and losers. Except I don't know what happened to Robin.


Where's Magnum? I'll give you the Fonz, Michael Landon and Hawkeye. But no Magnum? I love Tom Selleck, even now, without the Hawaiian shirt and short shorts (ok, ok the short, shorts were never cool).


Excuse me, MomZombie, but I have to object to you describing people like David Cassidy a D-List actor and a loser. As for Robin from Batman, Leif Garrett, and Christopher Knight, well, I haven't kept up with those guys, so I don't know what to tell you about them. I think it's pretty rude to call anybody a loser, though. But I do know that David Cassidy has made a comeback. He is doing concerts again, and right now as we speak, he has a brand new TV series in the works called "Ruby And The Rockits." The show hasn't even aired yet (It will debut on July 21st on ABC Family), but people are saying it looks pretty promising. So before you go judging people and calling them losers, why don't you try reading up on what they're doing with their lives at the moment? You might just surprise yourself!


Oh, yeah! I forgot to list my 70's TV crushes. Let's see. I was just a little girl back in the 70's, but I was already having some serious crushes. David Cassidy was the first cute boy I remember seeing on TV. I loved him on The Partridge Family! I also loved Barry Williams from The Brady Bunch, Henry Winkler from Happy Days, and John Travolta from Welcome Back Kotter.

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