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October 26, 2008



You are so funny and cute....
I will be checking out all your faves. Thanks for sharing.
I heart a nice llama.


this is awesome! I was born and raised in Auckland, lived there for 23 years before moving up north. btw if you want to see some more photos of New Zealand check out my photoblog at treefernphotos.blogspot.com


Aww thanks for introducing me Suz! A big hug with a giant side of sass goes to you ;)


I haven't ever heard of these Daily Photo Blogs before. what a great idea. I know it's not YOUR idea, I'm just saying. I love the Belgrade one, I've always wanted to go there.

Well Behaved Krissy

yes, my husband and I have decided when America finally does completely fall apart, or become socialist, we're moving to New Zealand. Perhaps I can teach at the school of general knowledge?

Big Hair Envy

Hey Chickie! Thanks for the tag:) I won't be able to post it until mid-week, but I WILL post it!!!

Doug L.

I think I've heard of Connecticut before, it's to the right of us I think. If you are standing looking at Canada, it's to the right. I love New Zealand too. I have been there twice and want to go back. If McCain wins I just might.

Big Hair Envy

Forgot to mention that I am in the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia:)

Mental P Mama

How on earth did I miss this? Thanks, and I will get to this. Promise;) Just after I have a little drinkie poo.

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